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SUB2r Product and Sales Agreement

Initial Production Limited Edition Disclaimer Agreement

Being the first kid on the block with the newest tech is exciting! And it comes with some risk.  If you aren’t comfortable with new hardware and technical aspects of the software, you may want to wait for the future production versions.

We’ve done a lot to make sure this camera will perform, but we haven’t tested it on all possible combinations of hardware and operating systems.  How it operates with your computer may get into the details of how the components of your system - and especially your USB hub - are configured.  And, we haven’t tried it on every version of every operating system and software and release out there.  It may take some effort and tinkering to get it to work with your system, and in some cases, it just may not work at all.

If you are using this for streaming we highly recommend you have a trusted backup standing by just in case…  This is after all still a bit experimental.

There are a lot of onboard functions we would like to have installed when the camera ships.  Most likely our long wish list will be kept to the essential UVC commands.  We will make upgrades available to you as we add functionality.

We ask for your patience and understanding.  If you have issues – please let us know and we will do our best to resolve them as quickly as possible.  Check out the forum and see if others have run into and resolved the same issues you are having.  We aren’t a big giant company – there is just a handful of us.  Your constructive feedback will help us squash bugs and make improvements.

SUB2r Initial Product Agreement

This Sale Agreement between you and SUB2r governs your agreement to purchase SUB2r’s Initial Production Product. 

The Product

The product is an early production version of SUB2r’s camera. Each camera is built to order.  As such, SUB2r cannot accurately predict when the product will ship.

Other factors include the availability of parts and the time it takes to hand assemble and test your camera.  By purchasing the early version, you understand that the shipment date may take 4 to 6 weeks from placing your order before we are able to ship.  We will email you with the estimated ship date after you place your order.

Payment Terms

Upon placing your order, you shall pay the full amount due by you minus any applicable discounts or incentives, if any.  Upon shipment of the product, this Agreement shall be deemed completed, and all of SUB2r’s sales policies including but not limited to SUB2r Sales, Shipment, and Return Policies, SUB2r Limited Product Warranty, and SUB2r End User License Agreement, will apply.


You will have the option to cancel your order up to one day prior to when we have confirmed that your camera will ship.    Your order may be canceled by sending an email to with ORDER CANCELLATION in the subject line.  In the body of the email indicate that you are canceling your order and are requesting a refund.  Please include your order number, name, and email address that was used for the sale.  If you do not receive a confirmation within 14 days that your request for cancellation was received, please resubmit.  All refunds will be issued via the payment gateway originally used to make the purchase.  

SUB2r will also have the right to cancel this Agreement if SUB2r for any reason is unable to build and ship the product. 

In the event of cancellation of this Agreement by you or SUB2r, 100% of your purchase price will be refunded to you by SUB2r within 14 days of SUB2r’s receipt of your notice of cancellation. 

Delivery, Transfer of Title, and Risk of Loss

All purchases are subject to separate shipping charges. Transfer of title and risk of loss shall occur on the date when the applicable products are shipped from SUB2r’s warehouse’s dock. SUB2r ships online store products from a fulfillment partner in California, USA. See SUB2r Sales, Shipment, and Return Policies for additional information about the shipment of the product. 

Discount and Incentive Programs

SUB2r reserves the right to terminate or modify any discount or incentive program at its sole discretion.  SUB2r also reserves the right to limit the amount of product that may be ordered or shipped pursuant to any discount or incentive program. 

Entire Agreement

Except as otherwise noted, this Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between you and SUB2r Inc., relating to the sale of the SUB2r Initial Production Product.  This Agreement does not confer any rights to SUB2r’s products or services except those specified in this Agreement.   If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid by any law, rule, order, or regulation of any government or by the final determination of any state or federal court of competent jurisdiction, such invalidity shall not affect the enforceability of any other provision of this Agreement.

Choice of Law and Dispute Resolution

This Agreement is governed by the statutes, laws, and regulations of the United States and the State of Nevada, U.S.A, without regard to conflicts of laws principles.  You agree that any litigation relating to this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the State or Federal courts in Reno, Nevada, U.S.A.

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