The SUB2r Series camera was developed and engineered for content creators and broadcasters looking to produce the highest quality UHD, 3G and HD content, with cost and efficiency in mind.  This is the only professional streaming camera in the industry to offer the combination of high 48MP resolution, high speed frame rate, and on-chip High Dynamic Range, providing superior SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio), and unparalleled low light performance.  


Our optical sensor provides leading-edge video performance with on-chip, Multi-cell color filter array.  Hardware re-mosaic provides high quality, 48MP Bayer, or 8K video output, in real time. Micro 4/3 (MFT) Speedlens allows for a variety of industry standard lens options, supporting powered focus, aperture, and zoom.


Additional features include built-in dual microphones, aux mic port INPUTS, utility rack mounts, GPIO, aux power, and SFP+ port for optical and IP Encapsulation applications (ST2022 and ST2110).  WiFi enabled communication provides wireless control of a single, or multiple cameras, with daisy chain technology for multi-camera “mesh” communication and control. Cameras can be remote monitored, controlled, updated, and configured using any WiFi network.

SUB2r Gen3 4K Professional Streaming Camera

  • Camera Output Ports

    • USB C

    • SDI 12G (HDBNC)

    • SFP+ (HDMI/SDI/Optical/ST2110/ST2022)


    Additional External Ports

    • GPIO, Eternal IIC, PTO 5V DC

    • Headset-Stereo OUT, Mic IN


    Additional Internal Ports

    • IIC, PTO 5V DC


    Integrated Speed Lens

    • Micro Four Thirds

    • Supports Powered: Focus/Aperture/Zoom



    • UVC 1.5 Compliant

    • SCC-SUB2r Control Center/UI

    • USB Connection

    • WiFi module allows for IoT connection over network. Modules act as repeaters to extend range

    • Customizable multi-camera ID



    • Dual front facing digital MEMs


    GPIO Functions



    Thermal Cooling

    • Passive under normal loads

    • Active under high demand


    Engineering Features

    • HSL color space processing

    • Zero latency on camera image enhancement

    • Five 64 channel color grading

    • On camera saved settings

    • Access to image sensor register control

    • Programmable front facing RGB LED


    Measurements and Mounting

    • Housing: 11cm x 9cm x 3cm

    • Bottom Dual 1/4x20

    • Top 1/4x20

    • Side rack mount grooves