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Digital Marketing Manager

Be the driving force that ideates branding strategies, creates, coordinates, and manages the execution of digital marketing campaign strategies across social media platforms. Build comprehensive, integrated distribution, promotion strategies/content amplification plans that deliver on marketing objectives, optimization of targetting, bidding, and conversions based on results and campaign objectives. Provide thought leadership on marketing best practices while staying informed on bleeding edge capabilities and industry trends.

Seriously? No. If the above reflects your style of communication you are definitely not the person we are looking for. There are only three things you need to be outstanding at.

Location: Anywhere on The Planet or Close Proximity
What you will do
  • Tell our story. SUB2r creates amazing new technology for live content streaming. It's hardware, its complicated technology, and it's difficult to put into words. What is 8, 12, or 14-bit color depth and why should our fans care?

  • Re-educate our fans. Some of our technology breaks the rules. Everyone has told you "A" is the answer and companies have spent a lot of money convincing people of that. In our case, the exact opposite is true and our solution is "Z." Your challenge is to figure out how to explain that in an informative and non-confrontational manner.

  • We are fortunate to be a part of RTE - Riva Technology and Entertainment and Galaxy Racer esports teams. We want you to work closely with their global marketing teams, players, content creators, and half-billion fans to tell our story.

What you will bring
  • The desire to be part of something really amazing.

  • A willingness to take pride in our technology and products.

  • An eagerness to learn and understand highly technical concepts.

  • A great sense of humor.

  • Outstanding command of the written word.

  • Multi-lingual is a plus.

What to send our way
  • Explain to us why 5 by 5 demosaicing is better for a Twitch streamer than 3 by 3 and why 7 by 7 is even better.

  • A current CV

All submissions should be sent to:
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