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Troll Slayer / Community Manager

We are about to launch some highly technical products which will shake up the status quo and smash the safe zone of a lot of established companies in our space. Those companies pay their influencers a lot to promote their products, and they have a well-established and loyal fanbase. The army of trolls that will come our way will stretch from horizon to horizon.

Bring em' on 'cause we got you!

Location: Anywhere on The Planet or Close Proximity
What you will do
  • Promote our products across multiple social media platforms.

  • Monitor mentions of our products and our brand across multiple platforms including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.

  • Promote and repost honest positive impressions of our products.

  • Graciously interact with people who have questions.

  • Collect sincere criticism of our products so we can help improve what we build.

  • Disarm without enraging aggressive trolls.

What you will bring
  • The desire to be a part of something really amazing.

  • A willingness to take pride in our technology and products.

  • An eagerness to learn and understand highly technical concepts and work with us to communicate those to our fans.

  • Really really thick Kevlar skin.

  • A great sense of humor.

  • A super chill temper.

  • A sense of when to politely exit a dialogue.

What to send our way
  • A brief description of the worst troll encounter you have ever lost or won over.

  • A current CV

All submissions should be sent to:
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