Our Story

We started as a software company developing new high-density 3D imaging technology. Half of that challenge required a camera that gave us access to every aspect of the imaging process right down to the moment the data leaves the pixels. No camera in existence had that ability, so we built one. We labored over every aspect of its construction, refining its components, and developing brand new image processing algorithms. We developed a new approach to the traditional imaging pipeline which had been unchanged since Kodak introduced it in 1975. We broke the code on image processing and created a camera that could stream 4k 60fps, processing over 1.5 billion calculations per second, and still fit in the palm of your hand.


Over the course of this journey, we realized that our camera could address a need in the market. The need for an affordable camera that produced broadcast-quality streaming video with virtually zero latency, in stunning quality. Whether you are an aspiring pro gamer looking to broadcast your best plays or a professional working from home, our camera will deliver the highest quality at the best price.

What is SUB2r?